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This is part of a fun project which dedicated to all Indonesian language learner over the world. Indeed, I can't publish about the content yet, but I promise to finish those project anyway. Truth to be told, it's like kind of social and education project's which gonna be publish at least on early next year (2016). I hope it's gonna work, useful and helpful.

It's a mascot, named Jaya. A childhood but easy going cartoony character who will guide the audience to learn Indonesian language in every single level curriculum.

Technically, here's the process: a character file with Jpeg or PSD format is arranged in After Effect for rigging. When we talk about rigging in any medium, both 2D or 3D, firstly consider scrutiny on some points: anatomy, direction of the bones and pay attention to make the controller look easy to used. 

Fortunately, I've found plugin to help me rig this character, named DUIK. Just google it!
It's easy and usefull After Effect rig plugin ever on earth 
(I mean... world of multimedia software). 
Sounds good!

Interface of character controller

Mouth breakdown

I show you on the screenshoot above, it's all the mouth breakdown images. 
Okay so, here I wanna simplify the concept. I map all of those emoticon makes 2 row. 
Actually, it's all layered stack in one point position, but it'll look messy. 

Then, I link those precomposed projects (mouth, eyelid, fingers) and give it 'Time remapping'. Finally, we can link (with a lil'bit script on it ) all of those projects to expression controllers (e.g. slider). That's whole concept how it's work. 

 I'm gonna make a short video tutorial about this process, soon...

DUIK helps me a lot in setup IK/ FK controller on arms & legs

a little script will help a lot the animator to reduce their times, 
for example, look at the shadow below the character!

The shadow will shrink automatically when you change the position of the character to top. 
Obviously I've set the script for the scale and opacity. Well, when we put up the master or root control's, 
these shadow gonna be smaller and the opacity is thinner.

Changing facial expressions are crucial thing and most often done by animators. 
It's definitely annoying without a tool such as a slider.

While working in 3D interface, we call this system as 'Look at constraint'. 
So it was here. It'ill be more efficient if we rotate the eyes with only one controller.

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