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The Ancient Borobudur

A personal project about Borobudur. I made this mattepainting shot last year, exactly on Desember 2014. This is about my visual intepretation of  the ancient Borobudur surrounded by lake. There are countless ancient stone monuments on earth, actually in Indonesia. Some of them was discovered, Borobudur is one of them, but most of either still buried.

Most suggests that Borobudur was built on the edge or even in the middle of the ancient lake. But, the existence of this ancient lake still be a matter of heated debate among archaeologists in the 20th century.

At least, I just wanna redefine my visual perception about the ancient of Borobudur based on the literature I've read, and it's worth to show to people in visual media. Well, this project's certainly just for fun. A personal project. All was made in After Effect, touch up the photograph with Photoshop, and lil'bit project image to 3D proxy model in Cinema 4D. 

Discover and enrich your experiences more about Borobudur on Wikipedia and of course visit it! Yes! Come to Indonesia to see by yourself Borobudur, stone monuments and hundred of wonderful places. Leave your adventure traces there!

Borobudur is located at Magelang, Central Java, Java island, west of  Bali island. 
Both of them are located in the territory of Indonesia.]

Jumat, 10 April 2015
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WIP#2 Rendering of HDH S-5

This is final render of my last 3D vehicle project on 2014. I brought it all of the mesh to Cinema 4D and render out there. And.. aah yup, you chould check it out my last post about the process from scratch over here: THE PROCESS LINK

I'll update for this video version, ASAP. Thanks.
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