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WIP#1 Modelling of HDH S-5 (vehicle)

sketch reference of HDH S-5

Actually, this my sketch reference contained some of vehicle in "Freedom" (OVA, animated series) who's commissioned with and designed by Katsuhiro Otomo..  yeeaah, i'm inspired totally by Otomo's vehicle design, his manga also. And recently, I model 3d vehicle based on my own mind after collect the reference. Sometimes, I leave my early sketch and just modeling on my enthusiasm although keep on my beginning concept.

..and here's the progress of HDH S-5 (3d model only):

..well, be ready steady to rigging phase, mapping, texturing and searching render setting... the journey must go on.. Thanks for viewing :)
Rabu, 07 September 2011
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a 3d Car(toon): Minisea Super Taxi

Dum dum dum, here's a car with a cartoon style, I designed it after watching a short film Salesmen Pete...  Well, I built the 3d model as well as rigging up, all done in 3ds max. In the process of texturing, I used a different method than before, heey I do it directly on 3d objects using Photoshop CS 5 (well, maybe I was too late to do it ..)

Minisea Super Taxi - with controller (spline controller)

Here, I show you the process of texturing in brief and simple video. Ooh yeaah, I don't forget to insert the workings of the controller at the end of the video .. :)

Actually, technically in the way of rigging is quite simple, just use 'wire parameters' for the interaction of rotation on some objects, such as door, glass cleaner etc. While flexibility impression all of the car body part is made by FFD Box.

The process for FFD Box is, choose some point on the FFD Box then controlled by the modifier 'Link XForms', does towards a spline controller which supposed to used.

These few tips on texturing:

First think first, make sure that the 3d model has been unwrapped, you may also save the layout of the wire rendering (uv template) to assist in the painting later. Then export the selected object in "Obj". ...well done, switch to Photoshop (CS 5).

Sometimes we may give it material 'checker board' for checking whether the uv mapping correct.

And last, here's wire of the model in low poly (18,000 poly) 
and high poly (220,000 poly in subdivision 2).

Well, that's all for today, thanks for viewing :)
Sabtu, 03 September 2011
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