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Jalan Jalan

It’s about a last month ago, exactly in July 30, 2011, We (I and my friends from Kasatmata's studio) fill one session hands down on event of animation, Jogjanimation, in ‘Taman Budaya’ (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) which initially by Mr.Yudho since about 1 year ago (Jogjanimation held one a month)...  Just go to Jogjanimation Site or The Page on Facebook to know more about it..
Well, Gangsar Waskito (Director), Rimbar diorisma (Manager) and Muhammad Ihlas (Art Director) filling conference about pipeline of animation production in Kasatmata's studio, then is drawned out about “ Hiro Hiro”. Actually, it’s wide  project, inquiring what Hiro-Hiro is? I recommend go to Hiro-hiro on Facebook and  Hiro-hiro blog for clear.  

Kasatmata team in 2011, Actually it's all 17 person now.
(I always wear long sleeve shirt, so easy to recognized)

They’re my friends from some division: technical, visual, animation and lighting. Aaakkhh, don't believe this serious pose.. they are not as calm as this, trust me! It’s all supposed innocent poses, aren’t they!?! hahaha.. Psst! Come closer i’ll show you their real activity in studio.. 

 Got them! Hahahaha! I told you, i told you!
Well, just kidding.. sometimes we're playing, joking but keep focus on the job desk :)
After watch the Jogjanimation event.. Dinner! 
Unfortunately, almost of my friends go home early, anyway the day was weekend.
Thanks my friends..

Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011
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Profile Pictures in Shaum 1432 Hijriah

i'm fasting/ shaum in 1432 hijriah (2011)
Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011
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