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WIP#1 Modelling of HDH S-5 (vehicle)

sketch reference of HDH S-5

Actually, this my sketch reference contained some of vehicle in "Freedom" (OVA, animated series) who's commissioned with and designed by Katsuhiro Otomo..  yeeaah, i'm inspired totally by Otomo's vehicle design, his manga also. And recently, I model 3d vehicle based on my own mind after collect the reference. Sometimes, I leave my early sketch and just modeling on my enthusiasm although keep on my beginning concept.

..and here's the progress of HDH S-5 (3d model only):

..well, be ready steady to rigging phase, mapping, texturing and searching render setting... the journey must go on.. Thanks for viewing :)
Rabu, 07 September 2011
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a 3d Car(toon): Minisea Super Taxi

Dum dum dum, here's a car with a cartoon style, I designed it after watching a short film Salesmen Pete...  Well, I built the 3d model as well as rigging up, all done in 3ds max. In the process of texturing, I used a different method than before, heey I do it directly on 3d objects using Photoshop CS 5 (well, maybe I was too late to do it ..)

Minisea Super Taxi - with controller (spline controller)

Here, I show you the process of texturing in brief and simple video. Ooh yeaah, I don't forget to insert the workings of the controller at the end of the video .. :)

Actually, technically in the way of rigging is quite simple, just use 'wire parameters' for the interaction of rotation on some objects, such as door, glass cleaner etc. While flexibility impression all of the car body part is made by FFD Box.

The process for FFD Box is, choose some point on the FFD Box then controlled by the modifier 'Link XForms', does towards a spline controller which supposed to used.

These few tips on texturing:

First think first, make sure that the 3d model has been unwrapped, you may also save the layout of the wire rendering (uv template) to assist in the painting later. Then export the selected object in "Obj". ...well done, switch to Photoshop (CS 5).

Sometimes we may give it material 'checker board' for checking whether the uv mapping correct.

And last, here's wire of the model in low poly (18,000 poly) 
and high poly (220,000 poly in subdivision 2).

Well, that's all for today, thanks for viewing :)
Sabtu, 03 September 2011
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Jalan Jalan

It’s about a last month ago, exactly in July 30, 2011, We (I and my friends from Kasatmata's studio) fill one session hands down on event of animation, Jogjanimation, in ‘Taman Budaya’ (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) which initially by Mr.Yudho since about 1 year ago (Jogjanimation held one a month)...  Just go to Jogjanimation Site or The Page on Facebook to know more about it..
Well, Gangsar Waskito (Director), Rimbar diorisma (Manager) and Muhammad Ihlas (Art Director) filling conference about pipeline of animation production in Kasatmata's studio, then is drawned out about “ Hiro Hiro”. Actually, it’s wide  project, inquiring what Hiro-Hiro is? I recommend go to Hiro-hiro on Facebook and  Hiro-hiro blog for clear.  

Kasatmata team in 2011, Actually it's all 17 person now.
(I always wear long sleeve shirt, so easy to recognized)

They’re my friends from some division: technical, visual, animation and lighting. Aaakkhh, don't believe this serious pose.. they are not as calm as this, trust me! It’s all supposed innocent poses, aren’t they!?! hahaha.. Psst! Come closer i’ll show you their real activity in studio.. 

 Got them! Hahahaha! I told you, i told you!
Well, just kidding.. sometimes we're playing, joking but keep focus on the job desk :)
After watch the Jogjanimation event.. Dinner! 
Unfortunately, almost of my friends go home early, anyway the day was weekend.
Thanks my friends..

Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011
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Profile Pictures in Shaum 1432 Hijriah

i'm fasting/ shaum in 1432 hijriah (2011)
Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011
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Character: Minisea

Ooh, It's have been 6 months not updating blog, cause there's a lot of works. Sorry..

Minisea "Weeck!" - Preview

"Minisea" is abbreviation of "Minion of Inu Seagy",  I make a minion to become a friend who help me to talk shop likewise Guru in "Despicable Me".

this's layers that arranged to be one composed image on above

wireframe of the model

Well, this character was designed since 2008 and I transform it to be 3d model in early 2011.

Here's the sketch as this character concept artwork

Actually, this project is to coach my rigging's experience.. all process rigging made with custom-rig in 3DSMax. Yes! It's all simple model, I've no idea to show off my modeling skill now, but just rigging as well..

Look at this thumbnails! I use ik & fk system to splits and arm and blending's function on arm elbow, it's done by chains tool's.

Arrangement controls Google using wire parameter and attribute holder
red bone is IK, blue one's FK and grey one's as custom bone which can bending and transform to IK or FK
Here's tongue bone that can be controled also on attribute holder

Hope u like it :) Thanks..
Senin, 25 Juli 2011
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Showreel 2010

Showreel compilation of my works in range 2009-2010.

Rabu, 12 Januari 2011
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Brown Sheep, Kambing Cokelat (Rigging + Animation Test)

This is a 3d model, again, made with 3dsmax, I tried applied facility of orientation constraint and position constraint on the most controls on the spline, and also modifier attribute holder.

Well, we've sheeps in the reality, and then make it virtual also, may be can be usefull to my final project, later. I like the goat, that's the reason I made it. Just for fun indeed :)


Selasa, 11 Januari 2011
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