Maya Muscle Rig

Facial Rig on Maya 2013

At least there's 4 appearance mode & 1 empty/ blank view

Head & Facial controller

Maya Muscle System on Arms & Torso

Scale character

For me, this is the most complex rigging I've ever done in software Maya. 
Almost all  parts of the body rig's equiped with Maya muscle system, and exactly it takes a long time in rig process! Sound's not good for animators and producers, huh? 

Okay so.. I'll not use these Maya Muscle system, ever and never! 
...except for a big movie project with high budget and fair deadline. 

Sabtu, 26 September 2015
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2D Cartoon Rig on After Effect

This is part of a fun project which dedicated to all Indonesian language learner over the world. Indeed, I can't publish about the content yet, but I promise to finish those project anyway. Truth to be told, it's like kind of social and education project's which gonna be publish at least on early next year (2016). I hope it's gonna work, useful and helpful.

It's a mascot, named Jaya. A childhood but easy going cartoony character who will guide the audience to learn Indonesian language in every single level curriculum.

Technically, here's the process: a character file with Jpeg or PSD format is arranged in After Effect for rigging. When we talk about rigging in any medium, both 2D or 3D, firstly consider scrutiny on some points: anatomy, direction of the bones and pay attention to make the controller look easy to used. 

Fortunately, I've found plugin to help me rig this character, named DUIK. Just google it!
It's easy and usefull After Effect rig plugin ever on earth 
(I mean... world of multimedia software). 
Sounds good!

Interface of character controller

Mouth breakdown

I show you on the screenshoot above, it's all the mouth breakdown images. 
Okay so, here I wanna simplify the concept. I map all of those emoticon makes 2 row. 
Actually, it's all layered stack in one point position, but it'll look messy. 

Then, I link those precomposed projects (mouth, eyelid, fingers) and give it 'Time remapping'. Finally, we can link (with a lil'bit script on it ) all of those projects to expression controllers (e.g. slider). That's whole concept how it's work. 

 I'm gonna make a short video tutorial about this process, soon...

DUIK helps me a lot in setup IK/ FK controller on arms & legs

a little script will help a lot the animator to reduce their times, 
for example, look at the shadow below the character!

The shadow will shrink automatically when you change the position of the character to top. 
Obviously I've set the script for the scale and opacity. Well, when we put up the master or root control's, 
these shadow gonna be smaller and the opacity is thinner.

Changing facial expressions are crucial thing and most often done by animators. 
It's definitely annoying without a tool such as a slider.

While working in 3D interface, we call this system as 'Look at constraint'. 
So it was here. It'ill be more efficient if we rotate the eyes with only one controller.

Jumat, 25 September 2015
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Kendama T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design
+ Digital illustration

Jumat, 18 September 2015
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Arabian Prisoner Illustration

Digital illustration,
"Arabian Prisoner"
Wacom Intuos
Photoshop & Krita

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Surfboard Bag

Surfboard Bag 3D Model3DS Max & Photoshop

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Rides Scooter

This artwork dedicated to my childhood friend.
He asked me to draw him self rides scooter.

Kamis, 30 Juli 2015
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3D Generalist Reel 2015

Here's compilation of 3D animation & composition artworks from 2012 - 2015.

Minggu, 12 Juli 2015
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Motion Graphic Reel 2015

Here's compilation of my motion graphic works from 2012 - 2015.

Selasa, 16 Juni 2015
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Rigging Reel 2015 on Autodesk Maya

An animation rig build on Autodesk Maya 2013.5
All feature attributes described on the video, like as FK/ IK switchable, stretch squash on arms and legs, facial control and etc. Hope you like it!

Enclosed below the grab pictures of
wireframe model, joints/ bones, controllers and captured video:

wire and controllers

Wisnu Wijaya © 2015. All Rights Reserved. 

Selasa, 05 Mei 2015
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The Ancient Borobudur

A personal project about Borobudur. I made this mattepainting shot last year, exactly on Desember 2014. This is about my visual intepretation of  the ancient Borobudur surrounded by lake. There are countless ancient stone monuments on earth, actually in Indonesia. Some of them was discovered, Borobudur is one of them, but most of either still buried.

Most suggests that Borobudur was built on the edge or even in the middle of the ancient lake. But, the existence of this ancient lake still be a matter of heated debate among archaeologists in the 20th century.

At least, I just wanna redefine my visual perception about the ancient of Borobudur based on the literature I've read, and it's worth to show to people in visual media. Well, this project's certainly just for fun. A personal project. All was made in After Effect, touch up the photograph with Photoshop, and lil'bit project image to 3D proxy model in Cinema 4D. 

Discover and enrich your experiences more about Borobudur on Wikipedia and of course visit it! Yes! Come to Indonesia to see by yourself Borobudur, stone monuments and hundred of wonderful places. Leave your adventure traces there!

Borobudur is located at Magelang, Central Java, Java island, west of  Bali island. 
Both of them are located in the territory of Indonesia.]

Jumat, 10 April 2015
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WIP#2 Rendering of HDH S-5

This is final render of my last 3D vehicle project on 2014. I brought it all of the mesh to Cinema 4D and render out there. And.. aah yup, you chould check it out my last post about the process from scratch over here: THE PROCESS LINK

I'll update for this video version, ASAP. Thanks.
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Limbad The Medusa 2014

Limbad The Medusa - Motion Graphic Package 2014

This is a part of 'Limbad The Medusa' show.
A Motion graphic package for a magician show, Limbad, held in Jakarta -
Indonesia at August 2014 during 25th anniversary of RCTI.

Produced at RCTI  © 2014
Concept, Design, Motion, Direction  |  Wisnu Wijaya (Inu Seagy)
Logo Redesign, Pre-Concept |  Wisnu Wijaya (Inu Seagy)
Sound Design | Vishnu Satya Graha
Artist talent | Limbad

Sabtu, 30 Agustus 2014
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Motion Graphic Reel 2013

Today is the end of 2013 and that's mean the perfect time to publish my works arange 2012-2013.

Sabtu, 28 Desember 2013
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Kwik vs Jet (Fan art)


"Kwik" is a mascot of celullar provider in Indonesia. 
I like those design and decide to make an experiment short clip about him. Check it out!

Motion Graphic Reel 2012

My broadcast/ mograph reel on RCTI TV(2012).

Jumat, 15 Februari 2013
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Sparko Render Test


Sabtu, 26 Januari 2013
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Sparko Rigreel 2012

Rabu, 21 November 2012
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Coboy Junior Concert - 1st Anniversary

(Coboy Junior performance on their 1st Anniversary Concert)

Those's one of my job on the last July 2012, opening bumper (also all graphic and lower third related to this program) for "Konser B'Day Coboy Junior" - 1st Anniversary. Besides produce the OBB -Opening Before Broadcast-, we (me and my friend, Adeta Eryantara ) also hold VJing the screen -LED behind the main stage- thanks friend! What the great VJing! Wohoooo! :)

Screenshots of the opening "Konser B'day Coboy Junior"


Behind The Scene

On the video above, I wanna point out the main "twist and bend" effect which can show "kiddy" impression. In animation, we knew "stretch and squash", one the important of 12 principle of animation. Squash and Stretch was described in The Illusion of Life as being "by far the most important" discovery that the Disney animators made in their pursuit of excellence in animation (Thomas & Johnston, p.47). In this OBB, this principle reached technically with modifier "Twist" and "Bend". 

All was made in Autodesk 3ds Max and Adobe After Effect. 
Here's some the wire view:

...and the last, rendering and compositing. There's no special treatment, only simple setting on both 3d software and After Effect, even I don't using ZDepth as usually.

Senin, 15 Oktober 2012
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